Ianieri, Giampapa & Co., PC CPA


Understanding of Closely Held Entities


Ianieri, Giampapa & Co., PC specializes in understanding the many issues facing privately held or closely controlled companies and their owners. Our Managing Directors each have over twenty years experience working with owners, key management, and entrepreneurial families. We work with our clients to develop and implement family and business strategic plans that may include:

  • Transition and Succession Planning

  • Shareholder Planning

  • Intergenerational Asset Transfers

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Pre Sale and Post Sale Strategies

  • Corporate Finance

  • Asset Allocation and Management

  • Insurance Portfolio Review

  • Executive Compensation

  • Non-Qualified and Qualified Benefits - for Owners, Executives and all Employees

  • Estate and Charitable Planning

We measure our success by the development of an innovative plan that meets your needs - and the proper communication of that plan to your family, other advisors and executives as necessary.
Our network of satisfied clients and advisors is our most unique and valuable asset.

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Coordination of Essential Services
Transition and Succession
Asset Management and Allocation
Mergers and Acquisitions
Corporate Finance and Capital
Estate Planning
Audit Services